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Over 25 Years of Experience

First Canadian Management Corp is a hotel ownership and management company with assets located throughout Canada. Founded in 1997 by Fayaz and Akbar Manji, the company has grown from a single hotel into a broader hospitality based national business. The company overlooks and manages both franchised and independent hotels in various Canadian provinces. The company’s customer-focused approach and understanding of the respective local market place landscape enables it to fulfill guest expectations and customer satisfaction. The company recently celebrated its 25th year in business.

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Commitment, Comfort and Care

First Canadian Management Corp is inspired by three pillars: commitment, comfort and care. From being committed to improving guest experience, providing a comfortable room and ambiance and caring for the local community at large, these traits have enabled the company to consistently deliver a positive hospitality experience. A warm and caring smile is always a core component of the company philosophy.


Corporate Vision and Brand Management

Under First Canadian Management Corp oversight, the company partners with and manages branded and independent hotels. This oversight includes corporate, leisure and resort hotels. By understanding five essential components: a robust regional infrastructure, comprehensive knowledge of branding practices, strong relationships with franchises, smart sales initiatives, and wide-reaching marketing capabilities, the company is able to focus its time and expertise to optimize operations.